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  • Order# SBN-9

This single bar cart maximizes storage space while still keeping your media stock very accessible and easy to find. No more digging through boxes to locate stock for a job. You can readily see the size and type of stock from all sides, even when several carts are nested together.


  • Z-Style Heavy Duty Base. Allows space-saver nesting of stored stock; 4" industrial casters for easy movement over shop floors.
  • Capacity. 70-inches high x 60-inches long. Holds minimum of 9 54" wide rolls.
  • Middle Hang Bar OPTION available. Use to increase the capacity for shorter rolls.
  • 12" Height Extender Kit OPTION available. Use to hang 64" rolls, or to increase double-layer capacity when using middle hang bar.


    10 Hangers, 10 E-Z Snap-to-Wrap ID Tags, 1 erasable pen.